Jun 30, 2023Kyle Hoover

EZRA ZION CIGAR BAR is located in a the historic Empire Drug building originally constructed by RM Beville in 1889. 

In fact, before the construction of the original building, the vacant lot was used as a shooting gallery. After that, a one-story wood building was put up on the lot and housed the EXCHANGE SALOON. 

After the current Beville building was erected, a myriad of businesses came and went through the years—a billiard parlor, a dentist, a gentlemen’s furnishing store, and a saddlery. 

In 1922 the EMPIRE DRUG STORE was established by Joe Rogers with a team of partners, and existed here for decades. As fate would have it…their sign out front advertised that they sold “cold drinks” and “cigars”! 

The name RM Beville and Rogers family names still grace the threshold of this historic building. When you come by, be sure to check it out.

We’re honored to be the next chapter in the story of this amazing building and the iconic downtown Decatur Square community. 

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